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uiLib 1.0b3


uiLib is designed to provide simple and flexible access to basic user interface services - shortcuts for display dialog, if you like. The lib is quite small (4k when saved run-only) so it can be loaded into scripts and used with very little overhead. Its beta status is simply an indication that things, like handler names, may change.

The package includes full documentation and a demo script.





Bugs & Limitations

uiLib is not widely tested and I am yet to fully determine whether it is suitable for all possible script running environments.

One thing it won't currently do, is allow the caller to target a particular application to display the dialog. All calls are directed to current application, which should work in most script menus within applications and is fine for script applications, i.e. compiled scripts saved as standalone applets.

Support for display dialog parameters such as default answer and giving up after was specifically excluded for a few reasons, primarily execution time. This becomes an issue as the flow control becomes more complex, which would be required to support other parameters. I never use giving up after (for backward compatibility) and rarely use default answer, so it's not a problem for me, but others may find this burdensome.


My General Terms for Code Use are here. Please read them before downloading.

Download uiLib (52K)



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