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Except where otherwise noted, everything here was written by Richard Morton, who reserves his intellectual property rights over it, such as they are.

This software may make the cat run backwards! I've worked hard to ensure that everything will operate as designed. That said, I am unable to provide any guarantees whatsoever that it will do anything at all for you. Use it only if you are prepared to accept that it is offered as is.

If you find any of this stuff useful, then I have but a simple request: That you take some time to do something important - like fly a kite with your kid(s), or something similarly warm and fuzzy.

I have a beautiful kite on my wall. It was given to me by a dear friend who killed herself. The idea of kiteWare is for her and also for my daughter, who is no longer into flying it with me. It's just a reminder, for those of us who need it, that the most compelling things in life are not necessarily the most important.

Terms and Conditions for code use

All the editable kiteWare code, tools and handlers are offered freely. I do however require that you:

Please contact me if you wish to use something in a commercial situation. The address for this is foo and the domain is Add the @ sign between these two elements.


The FooDoo Lounge is Copyright © Richard Morton 2002-2005

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