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Wouldn't it be great to have access your individual System Preferences in a single action under OS X? CPMenu returns this functionality - almost like we had in System 7.5 ;-) - using AppleScript and Apple's free Script Menu utility.


Just double click CPMenu to run it. The application confirms this with a welcome dialog and lets you know when it's finished. The individual Preference Panes will be available immediately in the Script Menu under the title "Control Panels" if you already have a Scripts folder in your user Library folder. If the menu does not appear in your Scripts Menu the easiest way to activate it is to just log in again.

System Requirements

CPMenu requires OS 10.1 or later and the Script Menu. It should work on any machine capable of running OS X, though it has only been tested under 10.1.1 & 10.1.4 on a G4 (AGP Graphics).

What CPMenu does

CPMenu is a simple application that just takes advantage of the fact that the System Prefs are actually individual items and that these parts, called Preference Panes, can be accessed directly.

The script locates the Preference Panes (in the library folder of your System folder) and gets a list of them. It creates a folder called "Control Panels" in your Scripts folder (in the Library folder of the current user) and creates a script for each Preference Pane. These one line scripts just tell Finder open the Pane.


CPMenu is kiteWare. Please read the licence before using the software.

Download CPMenu (46k)

Additional Information for Scripters

My General Terms for Code Use are here. Please read them if you intend to make use of any of the code.

The scripts created by CPMenu will stop working if they're recompiled, because they a get a value stored in the variable prefPanePathStr when they're created. CPMenu itself is saved as run-only because a bug in the store script command causes it to create excessively large files when used to generate scripts. Reducing its size reduces the size of the files it creates. An editable copy is included to allow the careful to make sure it won't do anything icky. The run-only applet has all the comments and empty lines removed.



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