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ClassicRunning 1.1.1


ClassicRunning is a utility to control OS X's Classic Environment. It displays a dialog indicating the current status of Classic and offers to either start or stop it, or open the Classic pane of System Preferences. The dialog below is displayed if Classic is not running:

ClassicRunning screen shot

Clicking the "Start" button launches Classic Startup, the application which initialises Classic. Clicking the "Prefs…" button opens the Classic preference pane.

This dialog is displayed if Classic is running:

ClassicRunning screen shot

Clicking the "Stop" button quits Classic Support, the application inside which Classic runs. Any Classic apps will be instructed to quit in the normal manner, so those with unsaved documents or changes will throw dialogs asking whether to save or not.


ClassicRunning?.scpt is a compiled script designed to be used from Apple's Script Menu, though it can be run from any editor, script runner or application script menu. To use it from the Script Menu, just select "Open Scripts Folder" from the Script Menu and drop the script into the resulting window.

ClassicRunning? is an OS X script application that can be double-clicked to run. Store it wherever suits you best.

System Requirements

ClassicRunning requires OS X (any version as of this writing) and, optionally, the Script Menu. It should work on any machine capable of running X, though this version has only been tested under 10.2 on a G4 (AGP Graphics).


ClassicRunning is kiteWare. Please read the licence before using the software.

Download ClassicRunning (66k)

Additional Information for Scripters

ClassicRunning is distributed in editable form, which means it can be opened, viewed and edited in any AppleScript editor. My General Terms for Code Use are here. Please read them if you intend to make use of any of the code.


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