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Cable Calculator 1.3.1


Cable Calculator is a utility that calculates the required cross sectional area of an electrical power cable, when given the voltage, current and distance.

It is set up for cable sizes from 2.5 to 70 mm2 and is used in my solar energy business for calculating all the cable runs in power systems.

There isn't a whole lot more to say about it really: If you need to do this kind of thing and you have basic computer skills, you'll probably understand how to use it. If you don't, then there's probably no point in trying to explain it any further. :-)

Cable Calc screen shot

System Requirements

Cable Calculator requires the Dialog Director osax to provide its user interface and will not function without it.

Minimum: 040 Mac, OS 8.1*, a standard installation of AppleScript and Dialog Director. Runs in Classic under OSX

Recommended: PowerPC (604/G3/G4), MacOS 8.5.1-9.1 & Dialog Director

I recommend MacOS 8.5 or higher mainly because of the great improvements in speed that came with AppleScript 1.3.

* System 7 users: This could well run under system 7.5 or 7.6, but I can't test it at the moment. If you're using a slow 68k machine, it may be unusable though.

Bugs & Limitations

Probably various, but I use it regularly without any problems. The only obvious thing that comes to mind is that AS doesn't always handle large numbers well. This should only become a problem well outside the normal range of numbers it's designed to handle though.


Cable Calculator is kiteWare. Please read the licence before using the software.

Download Cable Calc (140K)

Additional Information for Scripters

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