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Standard Additions (OS7.5.x) Dictionary

Copyright Apple Computer, Inc. 1991-1994. All rights reserved.


These suites are all separate files under System 7.x and OS 8.1

  1. AGStart
  2. Beep
  3. Choose Application
  4. Choose File
  5. Current Date
  6. Display Dialog
  7. Encode URL
  8. File Commands
  9. Load Script
  10. Monitor Depth
  11. New File
  12. Numerics
  13. Read/Write Commands
  14. Run Script
  15. Set Volume
  16. Store Script
  17. String Commands
  18. Time to GMT



AGStart: Start Apple Guide in the background so that it can accept Apple events. This command is ignored if Apple Guide is already started.




beep: Beep 1 or more times.

beep integer -- number of times to beep

Choose Application


choose application: Displays list of active applications.

choose application

[application label string] -- used as prompt for application list

[with prompt string] -- optional descriptive text

Result: application -- application chosen

Choose File


choose file: Choose a file from a list.

choose file

[with prompt string] -- optional user prompt

[of type list] -- list of file types to display (up to 4)

Result: alias -- chosen file

choose folder: Choose a folder from a list.

choose folder

[with prompt string] -- optional user prompt

Result: alias -- chosen folder

Current Date


current date: Return the current date and time.

current date

Result: anything -- date object

Display Dialog


display dialog: Display a dialog.

display dialog anything -- title of dialog

[default answer anything] -- default editable text

[buttons list] -- list of up to three buttons

[default button anything] -- name or number of default button

[with icon anything] -- name or id of the icon to display

[with icon stop/note/caution] -- display one of these system icons

Result: reply -- record containing the button hit and text entered (if any)


Class reply:


button returned reply [r/o] -- name of button chosen

text returned reply [r/o] -- text entered (if any)

Encode URL


Encode URL: Encode a string using the %xx encodings used in URLs

Encode URL anything -- text to be encoded

Result: 'char' -- Encoded URL string

File Commands


info for: Gets information for a file or folder.

info for file specification -- Target file or folder.

Result: file info -- Information for file or folder specified.

list disks: Returns a list of currently mounted disks.

list disks

Result: list -- List of mounted disks.

list folder: List the contents of the specified folder.

list folder file specification -- path or alias to specified folder

[invisibles boolean] -- list invisible files? (default is true)

Result: list -- list of items in specified folder

path to: Returns full path name to the folder or application specified.

path to apple menu/apple menu items/apple menu items folder/control panels/control panels folder/desktop/extensions/extensions folder/fonts/fonts folder/preferences/preferences folder/printmonitor/printmonitor documents/trash/startup items/startup items folder/.. -- The folder or application to return.

[as type class]

Result: anything -- Path name to folder or application specified.


Class file info:


name string [r/o]

creation date date [r/o]

modification date date [r/o]

icon position point [r/o]

visible boolean [r/o]

size integer [r/o]

folder boolean [r/o]

folder window bounding rectangle [r/o] -- Used with folders only.

locked boolean [r/o] -- Used with files only.

file creator string [r/o] -- Used with files only.

file type string [r/o] -- Used with files only.

short version string [r/o] -- Used with files only.

long version string [r/o] -- Used with files only.

default application alias [r/o] -- Used with non-application files only.

alias boolean [r/o] -- Is this file an alias?

Load Script


load script: Creates script object from compiled script file.

load script alias -- script file to load

Result: anything -- returns script object or error code

Monitor Depth


monitor depth: e.g. copy monitor depth to x

monitor depth

Result: anything -- Current Monitor Depth

max monitor depth: e.g. copy max monitor depth to x

max monitor depth

Result: anything -- Maximum Monitor Depth

set monitor depth: e.g. set monitor depth 8

set monitor depth anything -- Desired bit depth for the monitor

[Result: anything] -- The reply is not required

min monitor depth: e.g. copy min monitor depth to x

min monitor depth

Result: anything -- Minimum Monitor Depth

New File


new file: This command displays the standard putfile dialog. It returns a file specification that can be used to create a new file. The 'new file' command does not create a file.

new file

[with prompt string] -- prompt to use

[default name string] -- default file name

Result: file specification -- File specification for file to create.



round: Round number to integer.

round extended real -- number to round

[rounding up/down/toward zero/to nearest] -- specify rounding direction,
default is rounding to nearest

Result: integer -- rounded value

random number: Generate a random number.

random number anything -- number to randomize (If included, random number from 0 to this value.
If no number specified, then a value between 0 and 1 is returned.)

[from anything] -- from value

[to anything] -- to value

[with seed anything]

Result: anything -- random number returned

Read/Write Commands


open for access:

open for access alias -- File to open.

[write permission boolean] -- If true, the file wll be opened with read/write access.
If false, the file will be opened with read access only.

Result: small integer -- Reply contains error or file reference number.

close access: Close the file which was opened for access.

close access anything -- Reference number or file to close.

[Result: integer] -- Error code if any.

get eof: Get end of file for specified file.

get eof anything -- Reference number or file to return eof information for.

Result: integer -- End of file for specified file.

set eof: Set end of file for specified file.

set eof anything -- Reference number or file to set eof for.

to anything -- New value for end of file.

[Result: integer] -- Error number, if any.

read: Read from file.

read anything -- reference number or file to read

using delimiters list -- Delimiters to use. May use 1 or 2 delimiters.

using delimiter anything -- Delimiters to use. May use 1 or 2 delimiters.

[as anything] -- read this data in this form

[for integer] -- read for this number of bytes

[before string] -- Read to this delimiter excluding it. A delimiter is a single character.

[until string] -- Read to this delimiter including it. A delimiter is a single character.

[to integer] -- read from current mark to this byte

[from integer] -- read from this byte

Result: anything -- data returned or error

write: write to file

write anything -- Data to write.

[for integer] -- number of bytes to write

[starting at integer] -- start writing at this offset from beginning of file

to anything -- reference number or file to write to

[as type class] -- write data in this form

[Result: integer] -- Returns error, if any.

Run Script


run script: Run a specified script or script file.

run script script -- script or script file to execute

[with parameters list] -- list of parameters

[in string] -- scripting component to use, default is current scripting component

Result: anything -- result of running script

Set Volume


set volume: Set the sound volume from 0 through 7.

set volume anything -- sound volume level

Store Script


store script: Stores script object in file specified.

store script script -- script object to store

in alias -- path to file to store in

[replacing ask/yes/no] -- control display of save as dialog

Result: integer -- error returned from storing (if any)

String Commands


ASCII character: Converts a number to its ASCII equivalent.

ASCII character small integer -- ASCII code of specified character.

Result: string -- The character.

ASCII number: Returns the ASCII number of a character.

ASCII number string -- The character.

Result: small integer -- Number of specified character.

offset: Find position of text in target block of text.


of string -- Text to find offset of.

in string -- Target text to find offset in.

Result: integer -- Position in text or 0 if not found.

Time to GMT


time to GMT: delta to gmt in seconds

time to GMT

Result: integer


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