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Jon’s Commands 3.0d2 Dictionary

Copyright 1993-2002 by Jon Pugh. All rights reserved.


  1. Jon’s Commands 3.0d2

Jon’s Commands 3.0d2: Copyright 1993-2002 by Jon Pugh
Free for noncommercial use


Class alias info object: An alias information object


alias zone name string -- The zone of the original item.

alias machine name string -- The machine of the original item.

alias volume name string -- The name of the volume the original item is from.

alias path string -- The path of the original alias.

alias alias -- The alias from the file. This is only present when resolving is true.

alias was changed boolean -- Was this alias changed when resolved? This is only present when resolving is true.

Class environment info object: A machine environment object


CPU type string -- The CPU installed.

System version string -- The current System version.

FPU boolean -- Does this machine have an FPU?

keyboard string -- The name of the main keyboard.

physical RAM integer -- Amount of RAM installed in this machine.

active scripts integer -- Number of script systems active.

Jons version extended real -- The version of Jon's Commands.

Class screen info object: A record describing a monitor configuration.


name string -- The name of this type of screen.

screen id integer -- The unique id of the screen.

screen size point -- The height and width of the screen.

bounds bounding rectangle -- The boundary rectangle for the screen.

refresh rate integer -- The refresh frequency of this monitor (DM2 only).

color depth small integer -- The screen color depth setting.

in color boolean -- If the screen is in color (versus grayscale).

has menu bar boolean -- If this is the main screen which the menu bar is on.

supported resolutions a list of record -- The resolutions supported by this monitor (DM2 only).

resolution index integer -- The index into the supported resolutions list for this resolution.

safe resolution boolean -- Is this resolution safe or does it require user confirmation?


AE user interaction level: Change the user interaction level.

AE user interaction level AE interact with self/AE interact with local/AE interact with all -- The new interteraction level.

Result: AE interact with self/AE interact with local/AE interact with all -- The old interaction level.

choose color: Use the color picker to choose a color.

choose color string -- The prompt for the color picker dialog (default is Pick a color:).

[starting color RGB color] -- The color to start from (gray is the default).

Result: RGB color -- The chosen color.

copyFile: Copy a file.

copyFile anything -- The file (or list) to copy as file, alias or string.

to anything -- The destination folder or file.

[replacing yes/no/ask] -- Whether to replace an existing file.

deleteFile: Delete a file or folder.

deleteFile anything -- A file, folder or list as file, alias or string.

unlocking boolean -- Delete locked files (default is to error on locked files).

safety net boolean -- This will only delete empty folders unless “without safety net” is used, in which case it will delete everything in the folder.

fileIsBusy: Return whether or not a file is open.

fileIsBusy alias

Result: boolean -- Whether the file is open or not.

keys pressed: Get the keys that are currently pressed.

keys pressed

Result: a list of string -- A list of key names.

machine environment: Information about the running machine.

machine environment string -- An optional custom Gestalt code.

[check bit integer] -- The bit to check (from 0 to 31 with 0 as lowest bit).

Result: environment info object -- The environment record.

moveFile: Move a file or folder.

moveFile anything -- A file or folder (or list) as file, alias or string.

to anything -- The new folder as file, alias or string.

play sound: Play an snd format sound.

play sound sound -- A sound resource name or ID number, a sound file reference or a sound descriptor.

renameFile: Rename a file or folder.

renameFile anything -- A file or folder as file, alias or string.

to string -- The new name (not a pathname).

screen list: Return a list of screen statistics.

screen list

[starting with main screen/deepest screen/largest screen] -- The first screen in the list.

Result: a list of screen info object -- Current screen configuration.

set cursor to: Change the cursor.

set cursor to arrow cursor/watch cursor/busy cursor/I beam cursor/cross cursor/plus cursor/string/short integer -- The new cursor.

with cursor list string/short integer -- The name or number of an acur resource.

set sound volume to: Sets the current system sound volume.

set sound volume to small integer -- A volume level from 0 to 7.

snag object: Save the object specifier in the direct parameter to a file.

snag object reference -- The object parameter to snag.

in 'file' -- The file to save the object into.

[id integer] -- The resource id for the object (128 by default).

[type string] -- The resource type of the saved object ("obj " by default).

sound volume: Returns the current system sound volume.

sound volume

Result: small integer -- The volume level, from 0 to 7.

the ticks: Return the current tick count.

the ticks

Result: integer -- The number of ticks since the machine was started.

walk folders: Execute a script on each file in a folder subtree.

walk folders a list of file specification -- The folders to walk through.

with script script -- The script object to send the open message to.

[using folders boolean] -- Whether to use folders (default is false).

[using files boolean] -- Whether to use files (default is true).

[only using files of type string] -- The type(s) of files to operate on.

[invisibles boolean] -- Whether to use invisible files (default is true).


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