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Image Capture Scripting 2.1 Dictionary

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  1. Image Capture Scripting

Image Capture Scripting: Image Capture Scripting AppleScript suite


Class document: A document


width integer [r/o] -- the width of an image

height integer [r/o] -- the height of an image

resolution integer [r/o] -- the resolution of an image


close: close the image

close reference -- image to close

open: open…

open alias -- file to open

Result: reference -- returns the opened object.

rotate: rotate an image

rotate reference -- image to rotate

to angle real

save: save a set of objects

save reference -- image to save

in alias -- the file in which to save the image

scale: scale an image

scale reference -- image to scale

[by factor real] -- scale using a scalefactor

[to size integer] -- scale using a max width/length


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