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Internet Explorer 5.2.2 Dictionary

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  1. Required Suite
  2. Standard Suite
  3. Web Browser Suite
  4. URL Suite
  5. Microsoft Internet Explorer Suite
  6. Netscape Suite

Required Suite: Events that every application should support


open: Open documents

open a list of alias

print: Print documents

print a list of alias

quit: Quit application




Standard Suite: Common terms for most applications


Class application: An application program


selected text string [r/o] -- the selected text



get reference

[as a list of type class]

Result: anything

Web Browser Suite: Class of events supported by Web Browser applications


Activate: Activate Internet Explorer and optionally select window designated by Window Identifier.

Activate integer -- Window Identifier

Result: integer -- Window Identifier of window to activate

CloseAllWindows: Closes all windows


Result: boolean -- Success

CloseWindow: Close the window specified by either Window Identifier or Title. If no parameter is specified, close the top window.


[ID integer] -- ID of the window to close. (Can use -1 for top window)

[Title string] -- Title of the window to close

Result: boolean -- Success

GetWindowInfo: Returns a window info record (URL/Title) for the specified window.

GetWindowInfo integer -- Window Identifier of the window

Result: a list of list --

ListWindows: Returns list of Window Identifiers for all open windows.


Result: a list of list

OpenURL: Retrieves URL off the Web.

OpenURL string -- Fully-qualified URL

[to file specification] -- Target file for saving downloaded data

[toWindow integer] -- Target window for resource at URL (-1 for top window, 0 for new window)

[Flags integer] -- Valid Flags settings are: 1-Ignore the document cache; 2-Ignore the image cache; 4-Operate in background mode.

[FormData anything] -- data to post

[MIME Type string] -- MIME type of data being posted

ParseAnchor: Combines a base URL and a relative URL to produce a fully-qualified URL

ParseAnchor string -- Base URL

withURL string -- Relative URL that is combined with the Base URL (in the direct object) to produce a fully-qualified URL.

Result: string -- Fully-qualified URL

ShowFile: FileSpec containing data of specified MIME type to be rendered in window specified by Window Identifier.

ShowFile alias -- The file

[MIME Type string] -- MIME type

[Window Identifier integer] -- Identifier of the target window for the URL. (Can use -1 for top window)

[URL string] -- URL that allows this document to be reloaded.

URL Suite: Standard suite for Uniform Resource Locators


GetURL: Open the URL (and optionally save it to disk)

GetURL string -- URL to open

[to 'fss] -- File into which to save resource located at URL.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Suite: Events defined by Internet Explorer


GetSource: Get the HTML source of a browser window

GetSource integer -- Window Identifier of window from which to get the source. No value means get the source from the frontmost window.

Result: string

PrintBrowserWindow: Print contents of browser window (HTML)

PrintBrowserWindow integer -- Window Identifier of the window to print. No value means print the frontmost browser window.

do script: Execute script commands

do script string -- JavaScript text to execute

[window integer] -- optional Window Identifier (as supplied by the ListWindows event) specifying context in which to execute the script

[Result: string] -- Return value

Netscape Suite: Events defined by Netscape


Open bookmark: Opens a bookmark file

Open bookmark alias -- If not available, reloads the current bookmark file


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